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III Free Belarus Business Award


We are proud to be a Belarusian business

Free Belarus Business Award is organized with the support of the European Union and the Association of Belarusian Businesses Abroad.

This prize is for business people of Free Belarus who were forced abroad yet started over thus demonstrating sustainability and ability to develop in difficult conditions. The award is held to encourage businesses of Free Belarus in exile, which strengthen their positions in the foreign markets and seek for opportunities in market niches.

The award is dedicated to the achievements of the new businesses of Free Belarus in exile, to pay tribute to people who find the strength to move their business outside of the country and to do their best to create favorable working conditions for employees.

What can you get from participating in the III Free Belarus Business Awards?

Opportunity to win a cash prize – total prize fund is 15000 euro.

Nominations of III Free Belarus Business Award:

Business Lady

Art Business

Eco Business

To take part in III Free Belarus Business Awards, read the terms of participation and

Applications for participation are accepted until June 10, 2024 (23:59 CET). Applications will be selected and evaluated by independent international business experts, who represent various countries and sectors of the economy

III Free Belarus Business Awards can be attended by businesses of Free Belarus abroad who:

▪️ Have Belarusian nationality and/or citizenship of the Republic of Belarus, registreted in EU;

▪️ Has a registered business in EU no earlier than August 2020 and have at least 50% Belarusian statutory capital;

▪️ Is not a resident of the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation.




Award coordinators​

Marina Girin

For organizational matters
For partnerships
[email protected]
+48 798 162 907

Yaraslau Kot

For organizational matters
[email protected] +48 578 746 346

The winners of the I Free Belarusian Business Award cannot participate in the II Free Belarusian Business Award according to the competition regulations.